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Music is good for the soul.

Studies show, that children learn better when they have music in their life.


Welcome to keepthebeats.com, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging music content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps keepthebeats.com will ignite your own passion for music as well.


Learning to play the piano, is fun and good for your musical future, as from there, once you have an understanding of how to read music, you can branch out into other instruments once you gain your musical legs.

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I’ve always believed in the old saying that we must live life to the fullest. I am here to do just that.Learning guitar |keepthebeats.com | Adelaide serves as a vessel to share my vast interests, and clue in my readers as to what inspires me in this ever-changing world.

keep the beats, is just what music relates to, playing your instrument to the beat, music is a powerful energy that connects with us number one, energy wise and number two, stimulates us mentally


To your right, you will see a staff, this is found in any music book, including tablature, the notes to play, and how they are played, are written either on the line, or between the lines. The top

staff, noted by the fancy scroll, is the treble clef, this is the higher range of notes, the bottom one is the #Bass clef and these are played on the left-hand side of the piano, giving you the lower notes. These are also where the bass guitar notes come from.


A #waveform, this is what music or voice looks like electrically, this is shown on an #oscilliscope, or computer screen. For the music you want to create, you can use Adobe Audition to create multi track recording.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to over 140+ jam packed guitar lessons with tons of illustrations, guitar chord pictures, jam tracks, VIDEO, audio clips and more!

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direct drive turntable


Denon amplifier

Dennon amplifire


Book shelf speakers

4 string bass guitar

Bass guitar

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Tommy Emmanuel Guitar player


Electric condenser large diaphragm microphone

My new guitar to me, I was surprised when I finally picked this one up it is a BC Rich, the way the strings are fitted is quite different to other guitars.

With some research, I have discovered the reasoning behind BC Rich guitars which is to hold tuning better, so a very interesting design

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What would interest you, to have added to my music website? Please let me know, leave your details below, with your ideas.

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BC Rich

One big name in the music industry is Yamaha, they are known for their wonderful range of music instruments, I currently have a bass guitar, electronic drum kit and a keyboard, even though the keyboard and drum kit has been around for a while, they are still working superbly, just shows Yamaha quality in manufacturing.

Want to learn to play an instrument, I have always wanted to play either the #guitar or drums, I did play the keyboard for a while, and will play it again, I am not brilliant at it at all but I enjoy music, so I continue to try.

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Want to learn how to play Hard rock music! Click on the guitar, it will take you there now.


The ukulele is a very popular instrument to play, it is small and with only four strings, a bit easier to handle, with a huge amount of musicians and clubs making it a very social instrument to play. To learn to play this wonderful instrument, click on the Ukelele picture.

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