The interesting world  of

Multi track recording

Muti track recording, how it is now done, and how it was done.

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Lets talk multitrack

Music is such a wonderful topic, we all love to listen  to it, but a lot of us love to create it, no matter how we create it it ends up on mostly on stereo  two channel equipment, we only have two ears.

How is a music track made up

Let us start this one off by talking mono, mono is one channel, your guitar plays mono, it is a single sound source, but wait we have two ears you say, yes in the real world we do listen in stereo, so they invented a way of hearing music in stereo, so two channels of sound were created. Two channels were invented, and sound engineers soon realised, how they could use two channels, and designed two-channel amplifiers, to drive two speakers, stereo had come into being. Now we have sophisticated stereo sound. However then came the realisation, that more mono channels could be created, and mixed down to stereo and above. Quadraphonic and surround sound.