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Video Equipment

Digital world By Black Magic Design
Analogue deck by Sony

Video editing

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To start here I am going to take us back in time with video, as a video has gone through a massive transformation, and a very good one, video used to be recorded as an analogue signal, on videotape. this has always meant copying video to SD on VHS, some expensive equipment was required to make a copy. In the professional arena, it was very expensive to do all of this signal processing, meaning it was beyond average Joe's pay packet to do much with it, as there was always a significant signal loss, when you copied, even SVHS to VHS.

But then digital signal processing was invented, and that changed it all. The signal was no longer analogue but was converted directly to digital format, which means, no signal loss. The prices of equipment started to come down, as now the mechanics of a deck started to reduce, to the point where that has completely disappeared, all the processing is now handled by computer chips in a digital world, meaning it is now recorded in 1 and zeros. Video had now fully taken on the digital world, so now editing is done on the computer, and outputted digitally as well. HDDs and SSDs are now the storage medium, rather than tape, including, USB sticks, and memory cards.

CCD Device
BlackMagic Hyper Deck extreme control
Betacam deck.jfif

Sony Analogue Betacam editing deck

This is a Black Magic In Design video capture card, this card is designed to capture your video, from the output of a video camera, which is either SDI or HDMI or some other video input device, this can be by USB via a webcam. These cards need to be in the case of a PC, set up in the PCIe slot of the computer, this is processed via the CPU and recorded digitally to the hard drive.

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PC case.jpeg

PC or Personal Computer Case, this is what all of the boards and accessories go into to become a desktop computer, there are variations to this as this is a tower, however, this allows you to plug in the cards, like the Blackmagic capture card shown above the case

Black magic editing suite.jpg

Black magic editing suite with Devince resolve

Lets talk video.

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