Audio equipment

Yamaha amp.jpg
YAMAHA Power Amp

Behringer headphone amp

The picture above has three different items, the top one is a Behringer Power play Pro-XL four outlet headphones distribution amplifier, model no HA4700, this is an excellent unit, well made and designed by Behringer, this gives you the ability to have four headphones plugged into it, allowing up to four people to control their own headphones, via volume and tone control, I have an output of my Yamaha mixer, going to the input of the headphone amplifier.

The second unit is a Yamaha power amplifier, Model no P2500 this takes the main output from my Yamaha mixer and drives my JBL bookshelf speakers, this was my editing desk, but now is my audio desk for creating my backing tracks for my videos.

I am looking at maybe buying a Dell or HP workstation to do my video editing with.

Talking about audio equipment brings me back to the term HiFi, which stands for Hi Fidelity, if you are really keen on this subject the way I am, check out this audio link

The bottom unit is a JVC SVHS BR-S800E analogue deck, which I still have tapes to convert to digital via my Blackmagic design 4k capture card.


Randall guitar amp