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What does an amplifier do, we start off with a tiny signal, especially if it starts with a microphone or stylus, and go from there. The microphone is a transducer, in the case of the microphone , it converts air pressure waves from either your voice or an acoustic instrument to voltage. When we speak or sing, we are breathing out, this causes sound pressure waves, that hit a diaphragm or disc, this causes it to vibrate, this induces voltage by the wires and magnets connected to it, that intern goes to the preamp section of your mixer, this section boosts those levels high enough so your mixer can handle those voltages at line level.

The stylus in the record player is essentially the same but instead converts the tiny movements of the stylus which is connected to moving coils in the head of the stylus body, the magnets in there, induced a voltage, which is then sent to a preamplifier in your amplifier. Your amplifier then boosts those voltages or signals which, via the power transistor, then drives the speakers or voice cones, the speaker cone moves back and forward, via magnetic fields, this physical movement, causes air movement, which causes sound waves, and our ears then convert that back to signals that our brain interprets as music. Hopefully, that explains it a bit. Disclaimer: I am an electronics enthusiast only. Play with circuits at your own risk, 240 volts is extremely dangerous

Amplifier, usually has switching to alter input, tone controls and volume control

A Shure microphone, are considered the industry standard, with popular ones being SMD56 and 57 There are also what are known as large-diaphragm microphones, which are mainly used in studios

Amplifiers do just what the name suggests, they amplify the signal a lot. I some cases at home you might have a sound system, you enjoy the music, so you decide what volume levels you might like to listen to it at, some like it quite low, in the background, but others like it loud, maybe too loud, annoying their neighbours, but in all cases, you need an amplifier to do this, the home ones or indeed the ones in your car, will generally have tone controls, or graphic equalizer, to tune the sound to your liking, others are straight out power amps, these just amplify the sound.

This is a large power amplifier, with the lid of. Disclaimer I do not recommend you do this unless you are a trained technician. Safety first.

Home sound system by Denon

In an #amplifier, what is the magic component, that amplifies the signal? The answer, the main component is the transistor, yes there are a lot of other components in an amplifier, but this component or device amplifies the signal itself

This is a #BD238 PNP Bipolar Medium Power #Transistor 80V 2A TO-126 Package

This is but one of many variations of transistors, they range from high-speed switching transistors to big power transistors, found in big power amplifiers

A basic amplfier circuit. Credit to Amplifier Circuit Diagram | Power amplifier | Voltage Amplifier (

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