Dynamic range of recording.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

When we compare a #Compact Disc and listen to the same music on a #vinyl record, we are apparently loosing our dynamic range, due to manufacturers over use of compression to increase the volume of the track on the CD, that will actually loose the wide dynamic range of the original recording, remember, the original recordings were done on large #open reel decks, with the tape passing under the heads at higher speeds of 15IPS giving the wider dynamic range, as the magnetic medium does not become saturated so easily. Are Reel to reels decks dead, well apparently not, like the vinyl record which is enjoying a huge resurgence, with the latest tracks being released on vinyl as well as CD.

Drum kits have a dynamic range, by raising the height of the stick to then bring it down to hit the head gives the dynamic range of the drum. An #acoustic guitar, has a range of not only E string bass but also high string E, plus how loudly or softly it is strum.

Drums are no longer purely acoustic, we now have electronic drums, for you people like me, I do enjoy trying to play them, they just might be your answer to practice. there is very little sound emitted by electronic drums, I light thud is about all you can get, to really get the sound out of them, you require either headphones, an amplifier and speakers, or a computer, USB tethered to a computer, through the computers headphones, or speakers.

An electronic drum kit.

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