My new, but not brand new Yamaha drum kit

Did I say it is electronic, this is an older model, but does it sound good. I picked it up yesterday and set it up. Nothing was the right height for me, so I set about making a lot of adjustment, as you would with any drum kit, except no skins to tension, and when I started to play, I heard through my AKG headphones, wow what a sound, it sounds fantastic.

Just like the real thing, sampled sounds really do sound great.

Apart from the light taping sound on the pads, out in the world there really is not much to listen to, but on with the headphone, and what an amazing sound I was listening to.

When I first switched it on, there was an I/O message coming on the display, "warning replace the battery", I had a look around the unit, no battery door, ok then it has to be inside the unit, and volar it is. After removing it from the drum frame and putting it on the bench, I removed all the screws and had a look, very nice, two pcb's and there is the battery in question.

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