Open reel deck, did, or do you own one?

Updated: Oct 5

Yes, the open reel deck, I had the Teac X10R, this was a dual-drive capstan, with auto dual-direction, this was not only an amazing deck to use, but beautifully designed, I use to dub my vinyl to it, I loved working with it. It also had the DBX compression system, which I recorded and played at the highest speed, to get a maximum dynamic range with it.

Check this article out if you are into HIFI When I was in my teens to my 20's I had the pleasure of having an open reel deck, it was the one in the picture, and was coupled to a DBX unit. These are superb machines to work. The computer is a totally different world to work in. I was also given a turntable by my family. I enjoy both worlds.

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