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 Adobe CCS software is what I currently use as I find it very good, and extremely well supported, I enjoy the dynamic linking and the software is constantly being updated, and their suite of software, virtually covers everything, to do with Digital image manipulation. there is however other software out there that is extremely good, and totally compares with Adobe software, and is way cheaper, some of it is in fact free, and that is a very nice word. Most of the free software versions are Linux based software, and in a lot of cases are a match for commercial software, so you can have the best of both worlds,

However, there is other commercial video editing software available, including Devinci Resolve, produced by Blackmagic design which has both a free version, and a paid version, and is also excellent software. 

I currently own and use their Black magic design studio 4k video capture card, which is excellent to use.

The choice is entirely up to you and of course your budget.


Adobe software is subscription-based, which means that you do need to pay for it every month, however on the plus side, it is always being updated, so I look at that as a plus.