Vinyl versus digital music

For the purists, this is an ongoing argument, that vinyl sounds better than digital, as the video below shows it is technically not, how do you come to a conclusion, or is there not one. I myself have both and I totally enjoy both, can I detect a difference not really, but then again, I don't have the hearing ability I use to have, but hey I also love to spin a record on the turntable., and I wish I still had an open-reel deck, don't forget the recording was done on professional high-speed tape machines, to get the recording density on the tape. Who out there prefers to hear their music played back through a tube amplifier, because it sounds better or warmer, rather than a transistor amplifier? Below is a very interesting video on this subject, I would love some feedback on this one. Yamaha has also put out a very interesting page on vinyl records, worthwhile having a look at.

Vinyl V's Digital
a technical view

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